Quantic - Flowering Inferno MP3/Flac

British DJ/producer Quantic played guitar in various rock bands as a teenager, but it was his subsequent switch to house and broken beat that helped launch his musical career, especially after the 7" recording "We Got Soul" arrived in 2000.
Quantic head Will Holland introduces yet another project, Flowering Inferno, to present this travelogue, recorded in Colombia but encompassing more of the sounds of Jamaica and the Caribbean. With an admirable level of attention to detail, the cover of Death of the Revolution sports the look of classic tropical music from the '60s, the type of "music for dancing" ("musica para su baile") records often found on LPs from the Seeco or Fonseca labels. As for the music, it sounds most like the summery, pastoral rocksteady reggae of organist hero Jackie Mittoo, with guitar taking the lead or solo role as much as keyboard. It's mostly a private project, with only three of the songs featuring outside musicians and Holland handling most of the instruments -- piano, guitar, tres, accordion, bass, guacharaca, and the obscure gaita. An influences record with plenty of soul (not just dry academicism), Death of the Revolution is a solid side-project jaunt from the man who, under his Quantic guise, makes some of the best clubjazz around.