The Joly Boys - Great Expectation MP3/Flac

Forget Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae. Long before all those Jamaican Music form, it was Mento that ruled the original dancehall. Unknown to many and considered an anachronism by some when they hear it is still being played by the oldest Jamaican band in existence, the Jolly Boys. Entertaining locals and visitors for over 60 years, the Jolly Boys was also Errol Flynn’s band of choice when he entertained friends back in the 50’s on his very own Navy Island: off the coast of Portland Jamaica.
The Jolly Boys is now led by singer Albert Minott, a gravelly voice, charismatic, and energetic 74 year old, who is eager and hungry for stardom like any aspiring teenage singer. A recent cover of Amy Winehouse’s song, “Rehab,” has taken them on sold out concerts all over Europe in 2010, and you would think that he would be looking to retire at his age, but he is just getting started on his quest to conquer the world musically with Mento. Albert talks about the Jolly Boys cover of Rehab, his inspirations, the Rumba Box, and the song “Dog War”.