Dennis Brown - Light My Fire MP3/Flac

Heartbeat CD, 1994

 1) Fools Fall In Love
 2) Liberation
 3) (You Know How To) Light My Fire
 4) To Be My Lover
 5) House On The Rocks
 6) General
 7) When Love Is New
 8) I Miss You
 9) It's Not The Way
10) I Am Winner (Feat. Dhaima)
11) Easy Chair
12) You Shouldn't Have Done That
13) More Liberation (Semi Acapella Mix)

Drums: Squiddly Cole & Flabba
Lead Guitar: Chinna & Dwight Pinkney
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy
Keyboards: Keith Sterling & Tony Asher
Sax: Dean Fraser
Acoustic Guitar: Ernest Ranglin

Produced by: Alvin Ranglin
Recorded at: Leggo
Mixed at: Leggo
Engineered by: Rohan Richards, W Ranglin & G Bravo