Someone's Band - Someone's Band - 1970 MP3/Flac

This group got together via word of mouth and an advert in Melody Maker. They made a demo for Decca, who then sanctioned this album, which is now a monster rarity. Given that it was recorded in the course of a single night, it's a surprisingly polished and varied collection of progessive blues and soul. Also the influence of jazz, funk and African music is evident. Acoustic guitars meet wild electric guitar solos with a bluesy vocalist. One of my all-time favourites!! (Record Collector)

Cecil James - Vocals, Percussions
Melvin Buckley - Guitar
John Coxen - Guitar
Terry Powney - Bass
Woody Martin - Drums, Percussions
Produced by Steve Stevenson

1. Country ride • (Buckley)
2. How it began • (James, Coxen)
3. Blues for brother "E" • (James, Coxen)
4. I wanna go where I belong • (James, Buckley)
5. Hands of time • (Buckley)
6. Alice • (Buckley)
7. Give it to you • (James)
8. Trouble is • (Buckley)
9. A Story • (Buckley)
10.11 Manhunt • (Martin) > Fiddlesticks • (James)

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