Billy TK - Race Into The Infinite - 2004 MP3/Flac

01. Moon Song
02. The Prayer
03. Love, Love, Love
04. Mama Funk
05. Nau Mai
06. Dreamtime
07. Rainbow Warrior
08. Rainbow Dreams
09. Moon Song ll
10. Prisoner
11. Friends

Billy T K has been wooing NZ audiences since the 60s with bands such as The Sinners, Human Instinct & Powerhouse.
1996 saw him on stage in Auckland playing with Carlos Santana. 2002 he was a headliner at WOMAD. These days he performs regular gigs around NZ with such artists as Billy T K Junior and Emma Paki.
2004 saw the release of his first CD of collected works spanning 30 years and includes Powerhouse tracks with Tony Littlejohn and Mahia Blackmore, studio tracks from the 80s & 90s and a track from movie about Indian mystics which Billy laid down some music for.
His music still reflects his early infliuences of Hendrix, Santana & McLaughlin and every time he plays the young people are gobsmacked and the oldies relive the past.

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