Headstone - Still Loooking - 1974 MP3/Flac

The opening seven minute title track is a killer journey through local underground guitar psych, and there's plenty more good stuff aboard including some more lyrical moves. Underrated LP, solid all through, better than many $1000 LPs. Great generic sleeve of eagle "still looking". The band also had three non-LP 45s which are pretty good. [PL]
Ohio was full of obscure hard rock bands in the 70s, and it’s surprising how many of their self-released albums have stood the test of time. Despite relatively simple songs, this album has real power. The long title track is the highlight, but the rest of the album comes close to the standard. The songs carry on a bit too long, but the solid guitar/organ sound is backed up by an energetic rhythm section and the overall feel of this album is strong, and gets better with repeated listens. They don’t seem like they were particularly talented, but they made the most of what they had. (Acid Archives)


David Flynn - Drums, Vocals
Bruce Flynn - Guitar
Barry Flynn - Bass, Lead Vocals
Tom Applegate - Hammond Organ

01. Still Looking (Headstone) - 8:26
02. I Like It (David Flynn) - 7:43
03. Misery (David Flynn, Barry Flynn) - 4:07
04. Those Days (David Flynn, Bruce Flynn, Barry Flynn) - 5:42
05. Peace Of Mind (Barry Flynn) - 4:58
06. Springtime (Barry Flynn, Tom Applegate) - 4:06
07. I Love You (David Flynn, Bruce Flynn, Barry Flynn) - 4:57
Bonus Tracks :
08. Buying Time (Barry Flynn) - 2:32
09. Snake Dance (Headstone) - 2:17
10. What People Say (Bruce Flynn) - 3:12
11. Carry On Me (David Flynn, Bruce Flynn, Barry Flynn) - 3:17
12. Hey Boy (David Flynn, Bruce Flynn, Barry Flynn) - 3:12
13. Ragin' River (David Flynn, Bruce Flynn, Barry Flynn) - 4:42

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