Spirit - Gussman Cultural Center - Miami - Florida - September 26th 1976 MP3/Flac

Disc One

01. Nature's Way

02. Same Old Naturally (Radio Man)

03. Chairman Mao (China Doll)

04. Victim Of Society

05. Miami Blues

06. Reeling In The Night

07. Like A Rolling Stone

08. Animal Zoo

09. 1984

10.Miami Jam

11.Prelude/ Nothing To Hide

12.Midnight Train

13.It's All The Same

14.I Got A Line On You

Disc Two

01. Miss This Train

02. All Along The Watchtower

03. Nature's Way

04. Make It Up To You (Hollywood Dream)

05. Hey Joe

Randy California

Ed Cassidy

John Turlep

Another great concert by Spirit in 1976 ... Enjoy !!!

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