The Relative Band - 85' (Australia/USA 1985) MP3/Flac

The Relative Band - 85' (Australia/USA 1985)

1. Soft & Fragile (4:39)
2. Billy Jean Stings (0:41)
3. You'll Never Walk Again (5:04)
4. Hand's Up (Psycho Drama Pt. 2) (1:53)
5. Oh-O-Oh (2:52)
6. Gone With The Wind (3:20)
7. Tel Aviv Bats (5:09)
8. Cool School (4:30)
9. Come On Jon (Psycho Drama Pt. 2) (3:32)
10. Is It Catching (4:59)
11. Moore Strings (0:38)
12. Conversations With Jollian McGrose (3:11)
13. Lumps (3:23)
14. No Way The Last Word - Medley (4:28)
Gonzo group improv with aural whoopee cushions to the fore. Tying themselves up in blithering knots here are four Aussies and two Americans, many of 'em formidable names from the non-dour end of the improv continuum, including Aussie polymath and serial cello abuser Jon Rose, avant vocalist/percussionist/one-man-band David Moss and the inimitable Eugene Chadbourne. Together with soprano saxist Steve Moore, multi-wind player Jim Denley and the little known Aussie vocal improviser Gillian McGregor, they concoct a veritable mountain of scrabbly and jabbering sonic mischief.

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