Continuing on from my posts of material by the crucial 70's Italian ethnic trance ensemble Aktuala, here's the unit Aktuala member Walter Maioli would go on to form alongside one Riccardo Sinigaglia after departing that outfit. In concord with Sinigaglia (who'd go on to form Recommended Records recording artists The Doubling Riders) and African vocalist/percussionist Gabin Dabere as well as a pair of ethnic percussionists named Kala and Oisea, Futuro Antico was born for a brief, blissed moment of communal cross-cultural levitation. They produced one studio album's worth of material during their brief existence, but the live and unreleased sounds at hand (procured many moons ago from a source long forgotten) are every bit as transporting, if transcendental ethno-ooze and electrically augmented raga is your cup 'o bhang.

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