Orchestre Lipua-Lipua - Editions V?v?,african 360.063, 1974 MP3/Flac

Yesterday, I had a try-out with my new toy.

I made a mobile deejay-set in a waistbin, the type

on wheels we put outside once a week to be emptyed.

Big rechargable battery on the bottom, car-stereo as an

amplifier and notebook with USB-harddisc to play from.

Built in car speakers, little isolation and we're ready to roll.

I went to the Amsterdam Vondelpark and played for 5 hours.

Great experience to be a deejay-pirate, you never know if

local authority allows you to. The public liked it a lot and I

am sure to be back there on sunny sunday afternoons.

I'll announce future happenings on this page.

On 'african' we have the number 360.063, a magic number I'd

say, remains equal when turning around. It does concern

a magic album, Orchestre Lipua-Lipua whith the great

Nyboma. Sound quality is not fantastic, as is the

sharpness of the frontsleeve's picture.

At first I thought it was me but the picture IS vague.

Not on the web for the first time but it could not

remain absent here, enjoy once more.


1 Mombasa

2 Fuga fuga

3 Niki blue

4 Lossa