Kakaiku's Band - Adadam Paa Nie,Ambassador MP3/Flac

Amsterdam is a city with hundreds of nationalities. Last

sunday I met people from Bolivia, Argentina, Senegal,

Sierra Leone, Surinam and the Netherland's Antilles of

course, from Congo, Brazil and Ghana. This one goes out

to the last one. Mr. Moses K. Oppon alias Kakaiku is here

with an album that was posted by Afro-Slabs in 2009. The

blog seems dead since one year, what happened ? Anyway,

this LP deserves a second chance, if you didn't get it the

first time, take it while you can. Highlife to get your life high..

b.t.w. I d?d meet a couple of Dutch folks as well..


1 Driver nni na meware no

2 Ohia ma adwendwen

3 Adowa ma yenka ntam

4 Adusei se hene ba

5 Odo yede sen sika

6 Minnim

7 Dabi mabrabo

8 Obi namane san bi

9 Nyimpa hia na wahia

10 Fa wo ho gyigya

11 Ekeka bia

12 Ofie ne fie