Orchestre "Afro Succ?s"direction Hilarion Nguema -Collection Afro-R?tro vol.1,Sonafric 55101, 1978 MP3/Flac

First time we have us some music from Gabon. From

it's capital Libreville. It's the sound of Hilarion Nguema

and his Orchestre 'Afro Succ?s'. Rumba based West

African chillin' groove and something different for your

saturday night. The album looks mint but b-side sounds

quite unclear at moments, older recordings, it's sad.

more info, check.


1 Espoir

2 Libreville

3 Je demande divorce

4 D?cision approuv?e

5 Ce n'est pas difficile

6 Tawole messam

7 Makokou

8 J'ai dormi la porte ouverte