Franco et le T.P.O.K. Jazz -Chez Rythmes et Musiques ? Paris,Edipop 1984 MP3/Flac

Another wonderful LP by our heroe Franco, one we didn't see

in our little bloggosphere untill today. From a time he was at

his absolute peak, 1984, a year that brings back loads of

good memories. I am blown away by the first song with Madilu.

Track #4 contains some debate in Lingala, can someone tell

me what it is all about ? thanks & enjoy.

PS, OOOps I made a little mistake, track 3 is called track 5,

can you fix it yourself for this once ? ..sorry..


1 Makambo ezali bourreau

2 Kimpa kisangameni

3 12.600 lettres a Franco

4 D?bat