V.A. - California Love-In Vol. 2 MP3/Flac

More psychedelic and pop sounds from the Californian underground '60s scene. In addition to better known groups such as The Travel Agency, Gale Garnett & The Gentle Reign, Damon or the excellent Stone Country there are some great songs from The Californians, Hinge, Waphphle or Initial Shock.


1. Travel Agency - What's A Man

taken from the single What's A Man/She Understands (Viva 637) 1969

Line-up incl.: Steve Haehl (lead gtr, vcls), Frank Lupica (drms), Michael S. Aydelotte. Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)

2. Gale Garnett And The Gentle Reign - Breaking Through

taken from the single

Breaking Through/Fall In Love Again (Columbia 44479) 1969

Line-up: Gale Garnett (lead vcls), Bruce Horiuchi (lead gtr, kazoo), Bob Ingram (gtr), Tony Hill (keyb'ds), Michael Aragon (drms).

Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)

3. The Californians - Nausea Beast

taken from the single Glass Disguise/Nausea Beast (Crazy Horse 1318) 1969

Line-up incl.: Richard Bastrup (gtr). Band origin: Anaheim (California/US)

4. Damon - Oh What A Good Boy Am I

taken from the single

Song Of A Gypsy/Oh, What A Good Boy Am I (Ankh 1) 1969

Line-up incl.: Damon [real name David Del Conte] (vcls, gtr).

Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)

5. Stone Country - Love Psalm

taken from the single Love Psalm/Magnolias (RCA 47-9472) 1968

Line-up: Steve Young (lead gtr, vcls), Doug Brooks (rhythm gtr, vcls), Richard Lockmiller (gtr), Dann Barry (bs, vcls), Don Beck (banjo), Dennis Conway (drms). Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)

6. Hinge - Now Let Me Love You

taken from the single

Now Let Me Love You/I'll Pretend (Highland 1194) 1968

Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)

7. Stained Glass – Lonely

[demo / 1966]

Line-up: Bob Rominger (gtr), Jim McPherson (bs, vcls), Dennis Carrasco (drms). Band origin: San Jose (California/US)

8. Boston Tea Party - Don't Leave Me Alone

taken from the single Is It Love/Don't Leave Me Alone (Fona 311) 1967

Line-up: Travis Fields (vcls), Mike Stevens (lead gtr), Richard de Perna (bs), Robert de Perna (organ), Dave Novogroski (drms).

Band origin: Burbank (California/US)

9. Waphphle - Going Down

taken from the single Goin' Down/I Want You (Elektra 45616) 1967

Line-up: Glenn Strawn (lead gtr), Brian Barmby (bs), Jack Giere (vcls, keyb'ds), Rick Jagla (drms). Band origin: Sacramento (California/US)

10. Unwritten Law - Action Speaks Louder

taken from the single

This Whole World Is Blind/Action Speaks Louder (Strata 106) 197?

Line-up incl.: Luther Burbank (vcls, gtr).

Band origin: Burlingame (California/US)

11. Initial Shock – You've Been A Long Time Comin'

taken from the single

You've Been A Long Time Comin'/I Once Asked (BFD 2022) 1967

Line-up: Mojo Collins (gtr, organ, vcls), George Wallace (lead gtr), Steve Garr (bs), Brian Knaff (drms).

Band origin: Missoula (Montana) ? San Francisco (California/US)

12. Ferguson Tractor - Desperation Blues

taken from the single

12 O'Clock High/Desperation Blues (MTA 169) 1969

Line-up incl.: D. Ferguson. Band origin: California

13. Mount Rushmore – Rough Rider

[demo / 1967]

Line-up: Glen Smith (vcls), Mike Bolan (lead gtr), Terry Kimball (bs), Travis Fullerton (drms). Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)

14. Stone Country - Life Stands Daring Me

taken from the single

Life Stands Daring Me/Time Isn't There [Anymore] (RCA 47-9301) 1967

Line-up/Band origin: See Track 5

15. Californians - Glass Disguise

See Track 3

16. Laughing Wind – The Bells

taken from the single John Works Hard/The Bells (Tower 315) 1967

Line-up: Dan Harris (gtr, vcls), Shaun Harris (gtr, bs, vcls), Michael Lloyd (keyb'ds, gtr, vcls). Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)

17. Thorinshield - Family Of Man

taken from the single

Family Of Man/Lonely Mountain Again (Philips 40521) 1968

Line-up: James Smith (gtr, vcls), Bobby Ray (bs, vcls), Terry Hand (drms, vcls). Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)

18. Bethlehem Exit - Walk Me Out

taken from the single

Walk Me Out/Blues Concerning My Girl (Jabberwock 110) 1966

Line-up: John Tomasi (lead vcls, harp), Pete Sultzbach (gtr), Dave Wilkie (bs), Chris Ingstrom (drms). Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)

19. Travel Agency - She Understands

See Track 1

20. nePenthe - Good Morning Baby

taken from the single

Good Morning Baby/Slow It Down (Direction D-4003) 1970

Line-up: unknown. Band origin: California

21. Peter Fonda - Catch The Wind

taken from the single November Nights/Catch The Wind (Chisa 004) 1967

Line-up incl.: Peter Fonda (vcls), Hugh Masekela (trumpet).

Origin: Los Angeles (California/US)

22. California Bear - Hand My Head

taken from the single Hand My Head/Virgin Dreams (M&H MH-101) 1969

Line-up incl.: Bruce Terry. Band origin: Riverside (California/US)

23. Stone Country - Time Isn't There (Anymore)

See Track 14

24. Instant Ralston – Mariposa

taken from the single Mariposa/Rock And Mole (Scepter 12338) 1971

Line-up incl.: Gerry Ralston (vcls). Band origin: California

25. Randy S & The Westwood Paper - Haight Ashbury Blues

taken from the single

Haight Ashbury Blues/ Haight Ashbury Blues instrumental

(American Gramophone 6-667) 1967

Line-up incl.: Randy Sparks. Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)

26. Crystal Fountain – Sensations

taken from the single The Night Behind Us/Sensations (acetate) 1967

Line-up incl.: Wendy Flower (lead vcls), Bonnie Flower (drms).

Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)

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