Dick Hartman's Tennessee Ramblers MP3/Flac

This is basically a repost of songs from the 78s Mix postings. I thought it would be a nice to give them their own posting and download. Dick Hartman of Hartman's Heartbreakers & the Washboard Wonders fame first group was the Tennessee Ramblers. The Tennessee Ramblers got their start a few years prior the emergence of Western Swing "1928" and started off as more or less a stringband. As the years went by, they as many other bands of the time were influenced by the popularity of Hollywood western movies and eased into a more Western Swing style sound by the early 1930s. In 1937 Hartman left the group and the Tennessee Ramblers reformed under the leadership of Steel Guitar player Cecil Campbell.

Track Listing
 1. A Fiddlers' Contest (The Tennessee Ramblers)                  (2:51)
 2. Carry Me Back To Carolina (Tennessee Ramblers)                (2:54)
 3. Doug Ain't Doin' The Jitterbug (Tennessee Ramblers)           (2:33)
 4. I Love Hawaii (Tennessee Ramblers)                            (2:37)
 5. Oh Mary, Don't You Weep (Tennessee Ramblers)                  (2:47)
 6. Satisfied (The Tennessee Ramblers)                            (2:32)
 7. Sweet Mamma, Tree Top Tall (Tennessee Ramblers)               (2:19)
 8. The Hills Of Home (Tennessee Ramblers)                        (3:06)
 9. The Washboard Man (Tennessee Ramblers)                        (2:54)
10. There's A Beautiful Home (Tennessee Ramblers)                 (3:23)
11. Tonight You Belong to Me (Tennessee Ramblers)                 (2:51)
12. Won't You Sometimes Dream of Me (Tennessee Ramblers)          (2:39)
13. Four or Five Times (Tennessee Ramblers (Harry Blair voc.))    (2:36)
14. Hootchie Kootchie Koo (Tennessee Ramblers (Tex Martin voc.))  (2:25)

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