Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers MP3/Flac

Well I figured since I'm posting Dick Hartman's Tennessee Ramblers then it might be a good time to post some Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers as well. Cecil Campbell Was the original steel guitar player for the Tennessee Ramblers but officially became leader of the group in 1945. Campbell with the Tennessee Ramblers continued recording up until the late 1950s even throwing in a little rockabilly now and then. I don't have many songs but here's what I have so far. enjoy..

Track Listing
 1. Beaty Steel Blues (Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers)               (2:40)
 2. Cambell's Steel Guitar Special (Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers)  (2:40)
 3. Hawaiian Skies (Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers)                  (2:52)
 4. I Trusted You (Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers)                   (2:45)
 5. Midnight Boogie (Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers)                 (3:12)
 6. North Carolina Skies (Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers)            (2:43)

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