Cheap Trick - Every Trick In The Book (1990-2009) MP3/Flac

Cheap Trick - Every Trick In The Book (1990-2009)
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Cheap Trick - Every Trick In The Book (1990-2009)
Cheap Trick - Every Trick In The Book (1990-2009)
Cheap Trick - Every Trick In The Book (1990-2009)
Cheap Trick - Every Trick In The Book (1990-2009)

A fantastic collection of Cheap Trick videos, this one is not to be missed by fans. It spans their career from the early 90's back to the Dream Police era in reverse chronological order. There's Budokan footage on here, as well as their high energy performance of "Ain't That A Shame" on the American Music Awards. A chronicle of every up and down of their careers, you'll enjoy the "in jokes" for serious Cheap Trick fans. There's hokey "concept" videos, bad hair videos, and a nod to Elvis. The best are their live performances, when they simply turn on a camera and play. Don't miss this one, it's a bargain, and a great way to spend an evening with Cheap Trick.

Several rock bands were "darlings" of early MTV -- Def Leppard, Loverboy, and M?tley Cr?e immediately come to mind, as well as Cheap Trick. Unlike the other then up-and-coming aforementioned bands, Cheap Trick had been filming promo videos since the late '70s, and was already an arena-headlining veteran act. The 1990 home video compilation Every Trick in the Book collects almost all of the group's videos from 1979's Live at Budokan set up until Busted over a decade later, containing many of the band's biggest hits. Highlights include great in-concert readings of "Surrender," "I Want You to Want Me," and "Ain't That a Shame" -- the first two of these clips taken from the band's legendary 1978 concerts in Japan, while the third is a fiery performance from the 1980 Grammy Awards. Other standouts include a "video trilogy" from 1979's Dream Police -- the title track, "Way of the World," and "Voices," as well as the early MTV nuggets "She's Tight," "If You Want My Love," and "Tonight It's You," plus their big pop hits from 1988, "The Flame" and "Don't Be Cruel." Although not a definitive collection of the videos Cheap Trick had issued up until 1990 (longtime fans will notice that videos made for the band's classic 1977 self-titled debut and the humorous "Up the Creek" clip from 1983 are missing), Every Trick in the Book is a highly recommended collection of video snapshots of the band, and will create quite a stir of d?j? vu for early MTV viewers.


01. Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love
02. Wherever Would I Be?
03. Never Had A Lot To Lose
04. Ghost Town
05. Don't Be Cruel
06. The Flame
07. It's Only Love
08. Tonight It's You
09. I Can't Take It
10. If You Want My Love
11. She's Tight
12. Surrender
13. I Want You To Want Me
14. Ain't That A Shame
15. Dream Police
16. Way Of The World
17. Voices

All these videos comes directly from VHS era.
MPEG-2 720x480 / DD 2.0 192 Kbps. Running time: 72'08''
Language: English. Subtitles: None