Alcazar - Discography (35 albums+singles+remixes) MP3/Flac

Alcazar - Discography (35 albums+singles+remixes)
Genre: Europop, Disco, Schlager
Country: Sweden
Year: 1999 - 2011
Swedish Euro house act.
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Andreas Lundstedt , Annikafiore ,Lina Hedlund ,Magnus Carlsson,
Tess Merkel

2000 - Casino (74321 72161 2)(320)

Country: Scandinavia
Time: 52:01
01-Don't Leave Me Alone*
02-Crying At The Discoteque
03-Shine On
05-Stars Come Out At Night
06-Paris In The Rain*
07-Baby Come Back
09-Ritmo Del Amor*
10-Seasons In The Sun
11-Tears Of A Clone
12-Еhe Bells Of Alcazar
13-Blues In G-Minor
14-Dub Leave Me Alone*

2001 - Casino (74321 86417 2 5) (320)

Time: 52:43
01-Don't Leave Me Alone
02-Crying At The Discoteque
03-Don't You Want Me
04-Shine On
06-Stars Come Out At Night
07-Paris In The Rain
08-Baby Come Back
10-Ritmo Del Amor
11-Seasons In The Sun
12-Tears Of A Clone
13-The Bells Of Alcazar
14-Blues In G-Minor

2002 - Casino (Japan Editon) (320)

Time: 1:07:54
01-Don't You Want Me (Almighty Radio Edit)
02-Sexual Guarantee*
03-Crying At The Discoteque
04-Don't Leave Me Alone
05-Almost Famous *
06-Paradise *
08-Stars Come Out At Night
09-Paris In The Rain
10-Baby Come Back
11-Breaking Free *
12-Shine On
13-Ritmo Del Amor
14-Tears Of A Clone
15-Don't You Want Me (Album Version)
16-Click Your Heart
17-The Bells Of Alcazar
18-Blues In G Minor

2004 - Alcazarized (320)

Time: 1:02:05
Dance With The DJ (Hidden Track)
01-I Love The DJ
02-Celebrate The Night
03-Menage À Trois
04-Dancefloor Docusoap
05-Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
06-Funky Feet
07-I Go Shopping
08-Last Days Of Disco
10-Love Life
12-Singing To Heaven
13-Here I Am
Save My Pride (Hidden Track)

2009 - Disco Defenders (320)

Time: 46:45 + 46:14
01-We Keep On Rockin'
03-Stay The Night
04-From Brazil With Love
06-Harlem Nights
08-Jump Straight Into The Fire
09-My My Me And Mine
11-Put The Top Down
12-Thank You
13-Stay The Night (Club Mix)

01-This Is The World We Live In
02-Crying At The Discoteque
03-Menage A Trois
04-Sexual Guarantee
05-Don't You Want Me
06-Start The Fire
07-Shine On
08-Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
10-Ritmo Del Amor
12-Love Life

1999 - Shine On (CDM) (128 - 192)

Time: 21:09
01-Shine On (Radio Edit) (192 kbps)
02-Shine On (Suezia Remix Radio Edit) (192 kbps)
03-Shine On (Speed Bump Disco Mix) (192 kbps)
04-Shine On (Suezia Remix Club Edit) (192 kbps)
05-Shine On (Extended Version) (128 kbps)

2000 - Crying At The Discoteque (CDM) (320)

Time: 20:09
01-Crying At The Discoteque (Radio Edit)
02-Crying At The Discoteque (Extended Version)
03-Crying At The Discoteque (DeTox Dub)
04-Crying At The Discoteque (Pinocchio Tesco Mix)

2000 - Ritmo Del Amor (CDS) (192)

Time: 7:34
01-Ritmo Del Amor (Radio Edit)
02-Tears Of A Clone

2001 - Crying At The Discoteque (GE Vinyl 12'') (128 - 320)
Time: 27:27
01-Crying At The Discoteque (Illicit Remix) (320 kbps)
02-Crying At The Discoteque (Mind Trap's Disco Dub) (320 kbps)
03-Crying At The Discoteque (Ivan's X Mix) (128 kbps)
04-Crying At The Discoteque (Extended Version) (320 kbps)

2001 - Sexual Guarantee (Promo CD) (128 - 320)

Time: 28:07
01-Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Mix) (192 kbps)
02-Sexual Guarantee (Johan S. Vocal Club Mix) (128 kbps)
03-Sexual Guarantee (Fu-Tourist Remix) (192 kbps)
04-Sexual Guarantee (Johan S. Dub Mix) (128 kbps)
05-Sexual Guarantee (Original Version) (320 kbps)

2002 - Sexual Guarantee (Vinyl 12'' Sweden Promo) (128 - 320)

Time: 14:27
01-Sexual Guarantee (Johan S. Dub Mix) (128 kbps)
02-Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Dub) (320 kbps)

2002 - Don't You Want Me (CDM) (320)

Time: 25:58
01-Don't You Want Me (Almighty Radio Edit)
02-Don't You Want Me (Project Eden Remix)
03-Don't You Want Me (Almighty Club Mix)
04-Don't You Want Me (Johan S Mix)

2002 - Don't You Want Me (US Vinyl 12'') (320)

Time: 21:15
01-Don't You Want Me (Earth Club Anthem)
02-Don't You Want Me (M@!'s Turned Round Dub)

2002 - Don't You Want Me (Vinyl 12'' US Promo) (128)
Time: 31:34
01-Don't You Want Me (Junior Vasquez Earth Mix)
02-Don't You Want Me (Junior Vasquez Mixshow)
03-Don't You Want Me (Phatt Heads Mix)
04-Don't You Want Me (Ms 1980 Me 12'' Mix)

2003 - Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (CDM) (128)

Time: 15:10
01-Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (Radio Edit)
02-Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (Disco Club Mix)
03-Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (FL's Heaven And Hell Remix)
04-Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (Sing-A-Long Version)

2003 - Menage A Trois (CDM) (192)

Time: 30:41
Menage A Trois (Original Version)
Menage A Trois (The Mute8 Mix)
Menage A Trois (J. Pipe Smooth Club Edit)
Menage A Trois (Now In Stereo Edit)
Menage A Trois (FL's Darkroom Fantasy Remix)

2003 - Someday (CDS) (192)

Time: 8:43
01-Someday (Original Single Version)
02-Someday (Studio 54 Revival Remix)

2003 - Love Life (CDM) (160)

Time: 19:55
01-Love Life
02-Love Life (Extended Version)
03-Love Life (FL Rebirth Club Mix)

2004 - This Is The World We Live In (CDM) (160 - 320)

Time: 39:45
01-This Is The World We Live In (Original) (320kbps)
02-This Is The World We Live In (Extended Version) (160 kbps)
03-This Is The World We Live In (SoundFactory Club Anthem) (160 kbps)
04-This Is The World We Live In (Almighty Mix) (160 kbps)
05-This Is The World We Live In (SoundFactory Drama Dub) (160 kbps)
06-This Is The World We Live In (Almighty Radio Edit) (192 kbps)

2004 - Physical (CDS) (192 - 320)

Time: 7:15
01-Physical (320 kbps)
02-Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (Mikki Remix) (192 kbps)

2004 - Physical - The Remixes (CDM) (128)

Time: 33:34
02-Physical (SoundFactory Club Anthem Remix)
03-Physical (Extended Original)
04-Physical (SoundFactory Glamour Dub)
05-Physical (Mark Lasons Dancefloor Conquereor UK Remix)

2004 - Here I Am (CDM) (192)

Time: 54:26
01-Here I Am (Winter Version)
02-Here I Am (English Single Version)
03-Aqui Estoy (Spanish Version)
04-Je Suis Là (French Version)
05-Here I Am (Grooveemplate Radio Mix)
06-Here I Am (Hard Act 2 Follow & Sharpshooter Club Mix)
07-Here I Am (FL's Dream Symphonic Remix)
08-Here I Am (Mark Jason's UK Sonar Club Anthem)
09-Here I Am (Piol's Dancing Snowflakes Remix)
10-Here I Am (Grooveemplate Extended Mix)

2005 - Alcastar (CDM) (160 - 320)

Time: 39:05
01-Alcastar (Original Version) (320 kbps)
02-Alcastar (SoundFactory Starstruck Anthem) (160 kbps)
03-Alcastar (The Attic Remix) (233 kbps)
04-Alcastar (Club Junkies 12'' Remix) (200 kbps)
05-Alcastar (SoundFactory Connection Dub) (192 kbps)
06-Alcastar (Acapella) (192 kbps)

2005 - Start The Fire (CDM) (178 - 320)

Time: 22:50
01-Start The Fire (320 kbps)
02-Glamourama (233 kbps)
03-Nothing But The Video On (243 kbps)
04-Start The Fire (Extended) (235 kbps)
05-Physical (Poolbreeze Mix) (212 kbps)
06-Start The Fire (Acapella)(178 kbps)

2008 - We Keep On Rocking (CDM) (128)

Time: 21:48
01-We Keep On Rockin' (Radio Edit)
02-We Keep On Rockin' (Extended)
03-We Keep On Rockin' (FL Club)
04-We Keep On Rockin' (FL On The Rocks Version)
05-We Keep On Rockin' (Bellotto And Cabrera Club Mix)

2008 - Inhibitions (CDS) (192 - 320)

Time: 7:54
01-Inhibitions (320 kbps)
02-Inhibitions (Extended Remix) (192 kbps)

2009 - Stay The Night (CDS) (320)

Time: 6:04
01-Stay The Night (Radio Version)
02-Stay The Night (Karaoke Version)

2009 - Burning (CDM) (128)

Time: 15:12
01-Burning (Single Mix)
02-Burning (Movelectrix Club Mix)
03-Burning (Christian Hornbostel And Alfred Azzetto Alternative Dub Mix)

2009 - Burning (Almighty Mixes) (UK Promo) (320)
Time: 26:36
01-Burning (Almighty Essential Radio Edit)
02-Burning (Almighty 12" Essential Mix)
03-Burning (Almighty 12" Essential Dub)
04-Burning (Almighty 12" Essential Instrumental)

2009 - Burning (Promo Remixes) (208 - 320)

Time: 40:49
01-Burning (Radio Edit) 320 kbps
02-Burning (Extended Mix) 208 kbps
03-Burning (Cahill Radio Edit) 320 kbps
04-Burning (Cahill Floorfillers Mix) 320 kbps
05-Burning (Cahill Mix) 320 kbps
06-Burning (Daz Bailey Mix) 256 kbps
07-Burning (Jorg Schmid Mix) 256 kbps
08-Burning (Alex K Mix) 256 kbps

2009 - Last Christmas (Promo CD) (320)

Time: 6:41
01-Last Christmas
02-One Two Three Four

2010 - Headlines (CDS) (320)

Time: 6:03
01-Headlines (Radio Edit)
02-Headlines (Karaoke Version)

2011 - Feel 4 You (feat. Dream Beats) (CDM) (320)

Time: 25:02
01-Feel 4 You (Radio Version)
02-Feel 4 You (Extended Version)
03-Feel 4 You (Fear Of Tigers Radio Edit)
04-Feel 4 You (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
05-Feel 4 You (AFM Remix Short)
06-Feel 4 You (AFM Remix Long)

2003 - Pleace Don't Stop The Music - Remixes (128 - 192)

Time: 53:17
01-Don't You Want Me (J Pipe Mirrorball Radio Edit) (160 kbps)
02-I Love The DJ (FL's Synthetique Remix) (128 kbps)
03-Don't You Want Me (Casino Webxtended Club Mix) (128 kbps)
04-Dancefloor Docusoap (Italo-Soap Remix) (128 kbps)
05-Almost Famous (J.Pipe Starlight Remix) (128 kbps)
06-Chemistry (FL's Dynamic Drumcapella) (128 kbps)
07-Ritmo Del Amor (DJ Candi Club Mix) (128 kbps)
08-Menage A Trois (FL's Twisted Version) (160 kbps)
09-Last Days Of Disco (Tragic Drama Theme Nicuum Remix) (192 kbps)
10-Someday (Extended Version) (128 kbps)
11-I Love The DJ (FL's House Trip Remix) (160 kbps)
12-Not A Sinner Not A Saint (FL's Euroversion Workout Remix) (160 kbps)

2004 - Dancefloor Deluxe (192)

Time: 43:13 + 52:43
01-This Is The World We Live In
03-Start The Fire
04-Love Life
05-Someday (Unreleased Single Mix)
06-Menage A Trois
07-Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
08-Don't You Want Me (Almighty Radio Edit)
09-Sexual Guarantee
10-Ritmo Del Amor (Radio Edit)
11-Crying At The Discoteque
12-Shine On

01-Intro: Dancefloor Deluxe
02-This Is The World We Live In (SoundFactory Club Anthem)
03-Start The Fire (Original Version)
04-Sexual Guarantee (Almighty Remix)
05-Paradise (FL's Re-Invention Club Mix)
06-Someday (Studio 54 Revival Remix)
07-Menage A Trois (J. Pipe Smooth Club Edit)
08-Shine On (Suezia Remix Radio Edit)
09-Don't You Want Me (Wild Cowboys Blonde Radio Mix)
10-Physical (Original Version)
11-Not A Sinner Nor A Saint (Disco Club Mix)
12-Save My Pride (Original Edit)
13-Dance With The DJ (Original Edit)
14-Love Life (FL's Rebirth Club Mix)
15-Crying At The Discoteque (Special Extended Show Version)

Andreas Lundstedt (с 1999)
Tess Merkel (с 1999)
Annikafiore (1999 - 2005)
Magnus Carlsson (2002 - 2005)
Lina Hedlund (с 2007)

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