Celi Bee - Greatest Hits 2007 MP3/Flac

Celi Bee - Greatest Hits 2007
Artist: Celi Bee
Album: Greatest Hits
Year: 2007
Style: Disco
Country: USA
Format: MP3 СBR 320 kbps
Size: 164 MB(+3%)

Track List:
01. Fly Me On The Wings Of Love
02. Superman
03. One Love
04. Macho
05. Hurt Me, Hurt Me
06. Closer, Closer
07. Comin' Up Strong
08. Alternating Currents
09. Hold Your Horses
10. For The Love Of My Man
11. Blow My Mind
12. It's Love
13. Half A Love
14. Giving Yourself Is Loving

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