Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger (2005) MP3/Flac

Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger (2005)
DVD5 | 4,40 Gb | 107 min | Video: NTSC, MPEG-2, 16:9 , 720 x 480 at 9800 kbps | Audio: AC-3 at 448 Kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 KHz
Genre: Celtic , New Age , Ballet & Dance | Language: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)

Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger (2005)
Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger (2005)
Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger (2005)

Celtic Tiger appears to be Michael Flatley's attempt at a concept album--a loose tracing of the Irish through history, from prehistoric times, to pesky run-ins with Vikings and British soldiers, to St. Paddy driving out the snakes, to... the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders? (Who knew so many of them were Irish?) The spectacle of it all is grand and ambitious in the best way of the new Las Vegas shows (O'Siegfried and McRoy?), and Flatley, the genius behind Riverdance and all its toe-tapping offspring, is simply undaunted. By anything. The traditional Irish dance, fiddling, and piping his fans adore are separated by slower segments using Martha Graham-esque modern set pieces, all well performed.
But the audience doesn't really come alive unless it's Flatley, bedecked in his finery (one fave: a Gladiator tog to make Russell Crowe envious) and executing his precise, mind-bending choreography. As usual, he's surrounded himself with troupes of the best hoofers on the planet, and the comeliest female fiddlers this side of the Dixie Chicks. One of many highlights: "Celtic Fire," just Flatley on flute surrounding by the fiddling femme fatales at a dervish pace. A bonus featurette shows some behind the scenes, mostly in slow-mo, of the work going into mounting the ambitious show in Budapest. --A.T. Hurley.


1. St. Patrick (angelus)
2. The Vikings
3. The Garden of Eden
4. The Redcoats
5. The Famine
6. The Banshee/a Nation Once Again
7. Freedom
8. A New World
9. The Last Rose
10. Celtic Kittens
11. Capone
12. The Celtic Tiger