Jagged Edge - The Hits & Unreleased Vol.1 MP3/Flac

01-Jagged Edge-The way That you Talk (ft.Dabrat & Jermaine dupri)
02-Jagged Edge-Cant Wait
03-Jagged Edge-Gotta be
04-Jagged Edge-Keys to The Range (ft.Jermaine dupri)
05-Jagged Edge-He cant Love U
06-Jagged Edge-Lets get Married
07-Jagged Edge-Promise
08-Jagged Edge-Dreamed of You
09-Jagged Edge-Where the Party At (ft.Nelly)
10-Jagged Edge-Goodbye
11-Jagged Edge-I got It 2 (ft.Nas)
12-Jagged Edge-All Out of Love
13-Jagged Edge-He cant Love U (Jds Remix)
14-Jagged Edge-Lets Get Married (Remarkable Remix) (ft.Run DMC)
15-Jagged Edge-Promise (Cool Jd Remix) (ft.Loon)
16-Jagged Edge-Where the Party At (Remix) (ft.Jermaine dupri,Dabrat,Roc lil,Bow wow & Tigah)
17-Jagged Edge-Walked Outta Heaven (Too Hot Remix)