VA - G?cklich CD - 1994 MP3/Flac

VA - G?cklich CD - 1994

Gl?cklich - in which a respected trip-hop producer and nu-jazz
musician (A Forest Mighty Black's Rainer Tr?by) -- compiles a series
of German tracks produced in a Brazilian jazz-funk vibe during the '70s,
by artists including Klaus Doldinger, Sunbirds, John Thomas, Rainer
Pusch Quartet, Real Ax Band, and Namaz. The sound is smoother than
smooth, with songs utterly divorced from their Teutonic origins.
Most of the tracks float by as rather pleasant background fusion,
halfway between Miles and the Rippingtons, but there are a few standout
selections, including what could be an addition to the
classic-rare-groove canon, "Mato Pato" by Kitty Winter Gipsy Nova.

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