Sparks - Video collection (2010), DVDRip MP3/Flac

Sparks - Video collection (2010), DVDRip

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Sparks - American rock band formed in 1971 by brothers Ron and Russell Mael and performed an experimental pop-rock with elements of psychedelia, prog, proto-punk, then - disco and club electronics. From time to time a group of radically changing the direction of development (sometimes unsuccessful start-up ventures), but generally received high marks music (mainly British) criticism, has influenced a whole generation of musicians (Depeche Mode, New Order, Morrissey, etc.) and maintains a reputation as one of the most influential and innovative bands in the history of modern music. Seven singles Sparks entered the UK Top 40, the best results (# 2) in May 1974 made the first of them, ?This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us? (in 1997, which entered the charts again in the new version - with Faith No More)

Artist: Sparks
Title: Video collection
Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: psychedelic, proto-punk, glam rock, art rock, pop-rock, disco, music videos.
Length: 1:09:43

Sparks - Video collection (2010), DVDRip
Sparks - Video collection (2010), DVDRip
Sparks - Video collection (2010), DVDRip
Sparks - Video collection (2010), DVDRip
Sparks - Video collection (2010), DVDRip
Sparks - Video collection (2010), DVDRip


1. Intro
2. Dick Around (2006)
3. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil (1994)
4. Cool Places (1983)
5. My Baby's Takin Me Home (2004)
6. When I'm With You (1980)
7. All You Ever Think About Is Sex (1983)
8. The No. 1 Song In Heaven (version 1995)
9. Beat The Clock (1979)
10. (When I Kiss You) I Hear Charlie Parker Playing (Remix version 1994)
11. La Dolce Vita (1979)
12. Frankly, Scarlet, I Dont Give A Damn (1994)
13. When Do I Get To Sing "My Way"? (1994)
14. Tryouts For The Human Race (1979)
15. Singing In The Shower (with Rita Mitsouko) (Clip version 1988)
16. With All My Might (1984)
17. Get In The Swing (1975)
18. Now That I Own The BBC (1995)
19. The No. 1 Song In Heaven (version 1979)
20. I Predict (1982)
21. This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us (1974)
22. Outro