Hood Dreams Vol.6 MP3/Flac

Hood Dreams Vol.6

Hood Dreams Vol.6
Willie cooper and the webs - I can't take it no more
Dee Edwards - too careless with my love
Walter Scott and the Kapers - I want to thank U
Thee Chekkers - Please don't go
Tom and Jerrio - Come on and love me
Billy Stewart - Wedding bells
Stevie Wonder - Hey Love
the Jewels - Opportunity
C.L. and the pictures - I'm sorry
Black heat - Street of tears
Willie cooper and the webs - U don't love nobody
Dushons - Take these chains
Billy Stewart - We'll always be together
The Shondells - Wonderful one
Dee Edwards - U say U love me
The Sheltons - I who have nothing
Thee Runabouts - Sacred Love
The Superlatives - It's easy to love
the Lavells - In a crowded station