Hood Dreams Vol.3 MP3/Flac

Hood Dreams Vol.3

Hood Dreams Vol.3

1. Only When You're Lonely/Holly Maxwell
2. I'm Hip To You/Jelly Beans
3. I've Never Found a Girl/Eddie Floyd
4. The Language of Love/Intrigues
5. 'Til You Come Back To Me/Lee Williams Cymbals
6. Hidin' From Love/Aespos Fables
7. Don't Be Afraid To Love Me/Commands
8. You're Acting Kind of Strange/Chappells
9. This Is My Prayer/Soul Ones
10. I Lost My Love in the Big City/Elgins
11. Cherry/Rivingtons
12. This Is Goodbye/Ringleaders
13. Why Do You Have To Go/Rhythm Rascals
14. Why Can't I Stop/Esquires
15. It's All Over Now/Freddie Watson Restorators
16. Got To Get You Off My Mind/Determinations
17. Lover's Prayer/Wallace Brothers
18. I'd Rather Go Blind/Etta James
19. It'll Never Be Over For Me/Baby Washington