Bohm The Mozart Symphonies - BOXSET 3 DVD - Symphonies Nos. 36, 1, 25, 31 & 38 - DVD 2/3 [DVD9] MP3/Flac

Bohm The Mozart Symphonies - BOXSET 3 DVD - Symphonies Nos. 36, 1, 25, 31 & 38 - DVD 2/3 [DVD9]
Classical | DVD | with complete scans (covers and booklet) | 7,37 Gb (DVD9) | DVD?s FULL No compression
Audio: PCM Stereo - DTS 5.1 | Relesase: September 12, 2006 | Publisher: Deutsche Grammophon

Bohm The Mozart Symphonies - BOXSET 3 DVD - Symphonies Nos. 36, 1, 25, 31 & 38 - DVD 2/3 [DVD9]

? It is a good thing to see Deutsche Grammophon releasing Karl Bohm's FILM recordings of Mozart Symphonies: in this release 5 Mozart symphonies performed by the Vienna Philharmonic, both live and studio performances. There are 3 lesser heard Mozart Symphonies here: numbers 1, 25 and 31.

These were filmed in 1978, when Bohm was 84, and he still looks spry and agile, although the tempos in Allegro movements are more cautious than in earlier recordings. Symphony 1 is played like a major work, not an early piece of juvenilia many conductors make of it. Symphony 25 has a really slow tempo in I, but is dark and gloomy: this is not the cheery, sunshine Mozart many listeners are accustomed to.

In Symphony 31, Bohm takes I and III at a slower pace than many conductors, and I prefer his Berlin Philharmonic recording made in 1968 (part of the DG set of Mozart complete Symphonies). But no one can fault the beautiful string sound and nearly faultless playing of the Vienna Philharmonic, and Bohm's leadership is very secure.

There is a 1974 film of "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" also with the Vienna Philharmonic as a bonus, and it is very beautiful. Again, tempos are perfect, and Bohm doesn't race through IV as do some conductors. This was made about the time of Bohm's studio recording for DG, also with the VPO.

I will be watching this DVD again and again for combination of great sound, Bohm's musical, sensible (but never cold) conducting, and great camera work. The camera work always supports the music, and serves what the orchestra is doing: it is never distracting or quirky.

5 stars all the way! ?

Track List:
Mozart Symphonies Vol.2 - Karl Bohm

01.Symphony No. 36 "Linz": I Adagio - Allegro Spiritoso (7:54)
02.Symphony No. 36 "Linz": II Andante (7:35)
03.Symphony No. 36 "Linz": III Menuetto (3:52)
04.Symphony No. 36 "Linz": IV Presto (6:34)
05.Symphony No. 1: I Molto Allegro (4:59)
06.Symphony No. 1: II Andante (4:57)
07.Symphony No. 1: III Presto (2:33)
08.Symphony No. 25: I Allegro con Brio (8:12)
09.Symphony No. 25: II Andante (3:22)
10.Symphony No. 25: III Menuetto (3:53)
11.Symphony No. 25: IV Allegro (6:43)
12.Symphony No. 31 "Paris": I Allegro Assai (8:19)
13.Symphony No. 31 "Paris": II Andante (6:29)
14.Symphony No. 31 "Paris": III Allegro (5:21)
15.Symphony No. 38 "Prague": I Adagio - Allegro (11:07)
16.Symphony No. 38 "Prague": II Andante (9:19)
17.Symphony No. 38 "Prague": III Presto (6:35)

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Serenade No. 13 in G major, K525 'Eine kleine Nachtmusik'