GILLIAN LANE & STEPHANIE WELLS "Watcha Gonna Do (The Best Of)" (Album) 1997 [hot productions] Hi-Nrg Electro Disco 80's RARE "Out-Of-Print" (2 ON 1 CD!) MP3/Flac

Track listing
1. It's So Right
2. Pressure
3. Love Is So Tender
4. Heat of the Night
5. Thinkin' of Me
6. You Take My Heart Away
7. Watcha Gonna Do
8. Breakin' Out
9. Deep in the Night
10. Fools in Love
11. Planet of Love
12. Rockin' Billy Roll
Playing time: 60 min.
Producer: Paul Klein (Compilation), G. d'Orazio
Distributor: (Independently by Label)
Recording type: Studio
Recording mode: Stereo
SPAR Code: n/a

Album notes
Recording information: Montreal Sound Studios, Montreal, Canada; Montreal Studios, Montreal, Canada.
Arrangers: G. d'Orazio; Tony Bentivegna.
Tracks 1-6 are performed by Gillian Lane.
Tracks 7-12 are performed by Stephanie Wells.
Recorded and mixed at Montreal Sound Studios.
A product of Tojo Productions.