le Likemb? Geant, direction Nkouba Andr?,Sonafric 50052, 1977 MP3/Flac

I gave you one number on the first 'Congo, Tours de Force'

compilation. The likemb? geant or 'kisansi' is an instrument,

used to accompany the telling of legends, at night, by the

fireside. That's what the backsleeve tells us. This group, led

by Nkouba Andr? or Kouran, brings us some swell songs.

I found a very short but nice youtube film, not this group,

but fun to watch. enjoy.


1 Bouyala bua kunguna

2 Bika nzanga

3 Marceline

4 Longo luafua

5 Ndandua buyala

6 M'bongo n'kuyu

7 Weta weta

8 Nsuka ya muntu


01 - Le Likemb? Geant - Bouyala bua kunguna by deejaymoos