Shirati Jazz - Benga Beat,Carthage Records 1987 MP3/Flac

The LP I post for you today was a request of one of

our visitors. This 1987 piece of 'benga' stands out

for being as tight as a .. can't say that here. No really, not

many groups produce such a phat Kenyan popsound as this one.

Straight 'A' dance material for your saturday night party.

Founded by Daniel Owino Misiani, Shirati Jazz appears

on this World Circuit release without him. D.O. Misiani died

in 2006. I know he was still performing with the group

by the time of this release. Can you tell

us why he was absent on this 'first

European recording' ?

artist - Shirati Jazz

title - Benga Beat

label - Carthage Records

number - CGLP 4433

original - World Circuit Ltd.

number - WCB 003

release year - 1987

vocals - Fabian Okoyo

vocals - Samuel Ouma

guitar - Charles Juma

guitar - Jared Onyango

bass - Pascal Arito

drums - Tobias Obila


1 Dr. Binol

2 Evaline Atieno

3 Rosie Mpenzi

4 Rose Odhiola

5 Mary Yar Alego

6 John Siye

7 John Otieno

8 Augustin Opiyo


03 - Shirati Jazz - Rosie Mpenzi by deejaymoos