Nyboma & Madilu - Stop Feu Rouge,Bleu Cara?bes MP3/Flac

Today's post is giving me trouble from the beginning. First, my

image moderating program refuses to rescale my coverpic.

Then after rebooting it finally works. I spent an hour to remove

the permanent marker with which some former owner wrote

his name on the sleeve. Trying to upload the image, blogger

refuses my upgraded photo. Damn, lots of work for nothing,

I am already happy blogger accepted the unfixed picture.

Good, let's forget about the stress and continue to bring

you this LP. Two famous voices on one album, Nyboma

Mwan-Dido and Madilu System, le Grand Ninja. I have no

idea in what year it was released, somewhere halfway the

eighties I presume. With Pompon Kuleta, Odette, Kiwa Kana

Aime, Lokassa ya Mbongo, Mayaula Mayoni, Dally Kimoko,

Nguma, Arsene Kunde, Djudju and Nado. Hope U like.


1 Voisin

2 Keva

3 Stop feu rouge

4 Magali


01 - Nyboma & Madilu - Voisin by deejaymoos