Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and hisInternational Brothers Band - in London, vol.3,Decca West Africa 1972 MP3/Flac

Hello groovers, there's something I wish to tell you for

some time now and today seems a fine day to do so.

I am a non-religious person. I know this is a strange

phenomena for some people but in our country I think

more than half of the population is. Money and religion

are the two biggest causes of war in the world and for

one, that's a huge reason to be like I am, without religion.

In the music that I post, maybe more often than I realize,

religious utterances are made. I wish to keep aloof from

this. It's the music that I love to hear, often I don't even

understand the words but that's okay with me. The

'groove' is the most important thing and also the

reason for posting an album. If you think I am a bad

person, that's also fine with me, I know I'm not and stick

to my feeling about this. So if Chief Commander Ebenezer

Obey speaks of religious things, those are his words,

not mine. Okay, I'm glad I made this clear, I am not

open for discussion but just wanted to make this

statement. Still, hope U like and enjoy.

Peace, love, happiness and health to all !


1 Ara nbada owo oje

- Ile baba mi more

- Kabiyesi oba lipede

- Iwo omo ateni gbore

2 Motewo mi soke

- So - morue

- Kaiye maba irawo mi je

- Eje kajo


01 - Ch. Commander Ebenezer Obey & his Int. Bros. - Ara nbada owo oje, Ile baba mi mo... by deejaymoos