Charizma - Demos (1988) MP3/Flac

?Bo Nikolausson - Bass guitar, backing vocals (1981-present)

Jan Nikolausson - Drums, percussion (1981-present)

G?ran Nikolausson - Guitars, backing vocals (1981-present)

Johan Mauritzson - Lead vocals, Keyboards (1996-present)

Thomas Karlsson - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1996-present)

Note: 1981-1994, lead vocals were performed by Bo Nikolausson. 1991-1994, Johan Mauritzson played keyboards with the band, but was not an official member.

01 Stranger

02 Don't Look Back

03 Hold On

04 Dance Away

05 Take A Fall

06 One Life To Life

07 Guardian Angel

08 Lost in the Night

09 Lay Down Your Life

10 Turn Me On
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