Bad Religion - Against The Grain (1990) MP3/Flac

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01 Modern Man
02 Turn On The Light
03 Get Off
04 Blenderhead
05 The Positive Aspect
06 Anesthesia
07 Flat Earth Society
08 Faith Alone
09 Entropy
10 Against The Grain
11 Operation Rescue
12 God Song
13 21st Century (Digital Boy)
14 Misery And Famine
15 Unacceptable
16 Quality Or Quantity
17 Walk Away

For a period during late '80s and early '90s there was both good news and bad news for fans of punk stalwarts Bad Religion. The bad news was that the band kept putting out the same album over and over again; the good news was that the album was fantastic. Against The Grain, like its predecessors No Control and Suffer, is arguably a punk masterpiece. It showcases a band at the top of its game, bursting with punk hooks, intricate multi-syllabic lyrics and the trademark upper and lower register backing vocals that set Bad Religion apart from mere imitators...


Preview: Bad Religion - Blenderhead: