Dean Dirg - Raus! (2008) MP3/Flac

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01 Be Smart Be Quick
02 Your Choice
03 Black Cross
04 Get Back In The Trench
05 Warfare
06 Radiation Burn
07 Dean Dirg's Bored Part II
08 Nothing's Right
09 Grey White Grey
10 Machine Talk
11 I'm An S-Mine
12 Can't Tell Me
13 No Use For You
14 Dean Dirg Raus

Germany's Dean Dirg deliver 14 blasts of punk-hardcore rippers, the longest of which clocks in at less than a minute and a half. Raw guitars, gang vocals, and furious (yet somewhat danceable) drum beats in the classic Dean Dirg tradition. The Dean Dirg sound generally falls somewhere between the Circle Jerks and a less coked-out Jay Reatard, but this time the Dirg-meisters throw you a curve ball with a sweet techno-groove track to get those sweat-soaked booties on the dance floor from here to Berlin and back again...


Preview: Dean Dirg - Machine Talk: