Half Japanese - Greatest Hits (1995) MP3/Flac

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01 Firecracker
02 Daytona Beach
03 Said And Done
04 Dance When I Say Dance
05 Postcard From Far Away
06 The Worst I'd Ever Do
07 Horseshoes
08 Open - Close Your Eyes
09 This Could Be The Night
10 Put Some Sugar On It
11 Calling All Girls
12 La Bamba
13 Love At First Sight
14 Rub Every Muscle
15 Silver And Katherine
16 My Sordid Past
17 Ride Ride Ride
18 Day And Night
19 Last Straw
20 Nicole
21 Miracles Happen Every Day
22 U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums
23 School Of Love
24 T. For Texas
25 Colleen
26 Red Dress
27 Charmed Life
28 Rosemary's Baby
29 I Know How It Feels... Bad
30 Roman Candles
31 Dream Date

01 Movin On Up
02 No More Beatlemania
03 How Did You Know
04 Penny In The Fountain
05 King Kong
06 Secret
07 B., C. Millionaires
08 Amazing Clock
09 Thick And Thin
10 1,000,000 Kisses
11 Big Mistake
12 Little Records
13 No Direct Line
14 The House I Live In
15 U.F.O. Expert
16 Identical Twins
17 Double Trouble
18 Evidence
19 Stripping For Cash
20 On The One Hand
21 Snakeline
22 Too Much Adrenalin
23 Trouble In The Water
24 Ball And Chain
25 Her Parents Came Home
26 Deadly Alien Spawn
27 Ancient Life
28 Poetic License
29 Uncertain Feelings
30 Something New...
31 Fire To Burn
32 Acupuncture
33 Salt And Pepper
34 Guitar Solo
35 A Little Bit More
36 Mono
37 Better Than Before
38 Everything Is Right

Of course, there were no hits, but in world more skewed than this, the naive rock of Jad Fair and company could have been a contender. Over the loose-knit band's 20-year history, they pushed the anyone-can-do-it rock & roll aesthetic to its limits and stayed in the underground by never learning to play (or even tune) their guitars or to sing on key. Without doubt, Greatest Hits offers much more than any curiosity seeker needs in order to grasp both the charms and the terrors of the band's extended plod through post-Velvets garage punk...


Preview: Half Japanese - Identical Twins: