Sick Tamburo - Sick Tamburo (2009) MP3/Flac

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01 Sick Tamburo
02 Il Mio Cane Con Tre Zampe
03 Forse E' L'Amore
04 Intossicata
05 Parlami Per Sempre
06 Tocca 24-7
07 Non
08 Dimentica
09 Topoallucinazione
10 Sogno
11 Prima Che Muoia Ancora
12 orubmaT kciS

This is the first album of the italian band Sick Tamburo, spin-off project of the punk rock band Prozac+. Musically it appears not much has changed, the band still makes aggressive almost anarchistic rock. But this time it’s the electronics and use of samples that play a mayor part in the groups sound. You could say that they went from guitar-punk to electro-punk...


Preview: Sick Tamburo - Prima Che Muoia Ancora: