Knut Reiersrud - Soul of a Man MP3/Flac

Knut Reiersrud (1961) is known to most people as a guitarist from Norway. It's now twenty years since he had the honour of playing with his legendary heroes. Since then he has played at 5,000 concerts, made more than 100 records, of which he has considered only five to be worthy of releasing under his own name, and in between times learned to master ten different string instruments. The problems arise when you try to explain what kind of guitarist he is. A man who always travels around with eight guitars because they have been tuned differently according to where the music comes from is versatility personified. This is a distinctive and eclectic Blues album created on Knut Reiersrud's own terms. Always a step ahead, Knut employed samples of legendary blues performances (this before Moby and the soundtrack to "Oh, Brother Where Art Thou") together with a band consisting of Paolo Vinaccia, Auden Erlien, Bugge Wesseltoft and Reidar Skar. The album is more of a band album with Knut's electric guitar virtuosity in focus. Three of the songs were written exclusively for him by Mac Rebenack and the late Doc Pomus.
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