Maple Station Express MP3/Flac

The newly formed Maple Station is a Blues Band in the purest form. Classically obscure Blues and Gospel/Soul/Rock covers and original Masterpieces highlight the bands high energy set list. The Depth of their appreciation for the genre comes through in the extremely high quality of material that they cover in addition to the original material that will eventually add to the extensive pool of classic Blues standards. The band was founded by Silverado Records founders Patrick and Isaiah Flynn. The father and son duo was previously featured as part of the short lived but successful “Father Son Band??� (FSB). FSB was a staple of local clubs throughout Napa and Sonoma County as well as appearances on Bay T.V. morning show and extensive national radio exposure. The second incarnation of the Father, Son Band includes Patrick’s God Son, Vito Triglia on Saxophone, The venerable North Bay drummer Nigel Bates, and Sonoma County vocalist extraordinaire Rose Conner. If you enjoy live Blues music in all it’s magical forms from Delta to Country to Chicago/Electric to Modern and everything in-between, Maple Station will satisfy your craving for gut wrenching and hard pounding American Blues music.
Part 1
Part 2