The Posies - Broadcasts, Vol. 5 MP3/Flac

(Sigh).  My interest in sharing and furthermore listening to the Posies Broadcasts series of live simulcasts and radio performances is beginning to wane big time.  This is predominantely attributed to the excessive overlap of the same songs. Taken all seven disks into account, do we really need to hear ten different versions of "Flavor of the Month?"  At any rate, I obligated myself to share the whole series and I'm sticking to that pledge, but I would like to add that I won't be pulling my copies of Amazing Discgrace or Frosting on the Beater off my shelf anytime soon.  At this point, perhaps the only saving grace is that each volume offers at least one or two numbers that don't repeat on the others.  Here's what's in store for you on Vol. 5.

Swedish National Radio, April 22, 1996
1. Dream All Day
2. Throwaway
3. Love Letter Boxes
4. Golden Blunders
5. Precious Moments
6. Coming Right Along
7. Everybody Is a Fucking Liar
8. World
9. Flavor of the Month
10. Please Return It

KMTT Seattle, May 13, 1995
11. Precious Moments
12. Fight It

KNDD Seattle, May 13, 1995
13. Please Return It
14. Ontario

"Common Threads," G-Rock Princeton, August 24, 2000
15. Lady Friend (Byrds cover)
16. You Avoid Parties
17. My Big Mouth
18. Saying Sorry To Myself
19. Going Going Gone
20. Dream All Day
21. Suddenly Mary

XFM London, March 6, 2001
22. Matinee