The Customers - Green Bottle Thursday (1996, Vapor) MP3/Flac

Perhaps had The Customers released Green Bottle Thursday a few years deeper into the advent of the World Wide Web, I might have more to offer on them, but I'm afraid the music alone will have to suffice, search engines be damned.  So as far as I can tell this quartet called Los Angeles home, but they didn't bare much Southern Cali chic, as it were, which was perfectly fine with me.  In "Shipwreck" they proclaim to have "no time for the Rolling Stones," yet leadman Ryan Sexton and axe-wrangler Sloke possess a smoldering swagger not terribly removed from Keith Richards.  Actually the Stones-y maneuvers laid out by Bash and Pop (Tommy Stinson's post Replacements meal ticket) a couple years earlier would be a better approximation of what the Customers were approaching.  I'm also picking up glimmers of Dillon Fence herewhich is more likely than not a pure coincidence.  Green Bottle... is probably the most straight-up rock and roll album I've presented in awhile, but I like it, like it...

01. All Your Money
02. Drinkin' Again
03. Change of Heart
04. Bleed
05. Bastard Before Me
06. Lost Alibi
07. Warned About You
08. Hero in '42
09. Shipwreck
10. Tonight
11. Woman With a Heart of Stone