Various - This Ain't the Plimsouls (It's Just a Matter of Time) (1991, Zero Hour) MP3/Flac

Due to time constraints this isn't going to be a terribly elaborate write-up, but given that it's a tribute album, I suppose things are kind of self explanatory to begin with.  The 21-song This Ain't the Plimsouls pays homage to the band in question, and although I can't say it's uniformly excellent, the good news is that your favorite Plimsouls song is almost certain to be adapted here (most likely by a group you've never heard of).  Zero Hour Records was/is based in Australia, and as such there are plenty of Oz participants making an appearance here, but there's plenty of Yankee blood to be relished as well, including a couple of my personal faves, Head Candy and the Dangtrippers.  Many tracks are interspersed with clips from a Plimsouls radio interview, wherein the Peter Case and Co. were in a particularly wise-ass mood.

Australia's co-ed Fear of Falling were bestowed the honor of giving the Plim's signature song, "A Million Miles Away" a fresh coat of paint.  Not to knock them, but I know of another rendition of that song that I find to be far more satisfactory, and I've included it as a bonus (which I've opted not to list below).  Hope ya like.

01-Chopper - Hush Hush
02-The Wishniaks - Now
03-The Mandrakes - Everywhere At Once
04-The Sick Rose - Shakey City
05-Fear Of Falling - A Million Miles Away
06-Los Valendas - I Want What You Got
07-The Diehards - In This Town
08-The Chevelles - Zero Hour
09-The Crusaders - Magic Touch
10-The Slaters - Oldest Story In The World
11-The 27 Various - Great Big World
12-Head Candy - Lost Time
13-The Dangtrippers - Inch By Inch
14-The Pyramidiacs - Everyday Things
15-Lonely Hearts - Play The Breaks
16-The Barbarellas - How Long Will It Take
17-The Plunderers - I'll Get Lucky
18-Slep & The Redhouse - Hypnotized
19-The Clockwatchers - Nickles And Dimes
20-The Kryptonics - I Want You Back
21-The Droogs - Hobo
22-interview snippit