Singles Going Single #171 - Reaction Formation 7" (1986, GO2) MP3/Flac

Wow.  Now this is pretty damn excellent, ain't it?  Champaign, IL's Reaction Formation served up the same jangly strain of power pop anthologized on so many of those crucial Teenline compilation disks.  If the vaguely lamentable "Galesburg Bound" strikes you as a bit precious, that's probably because it is, but I say as such in the most flattering way possible.  Dare I say this is what Modern English could've come up with had they resided on my side of the pond (than again, Modern English weren't too big on saxophones, were they)?  Just short of classic. The sprite "Breakway" churns along at a more vivacious pace, yielding another slice of pop bliss.  Records like this are the cornerstone of my Singles Going Singles series.  You can check out some more invaluable text on Reaction Formation over at Go Johnny Go.

A. Galesburg Bound
B. Break Away