Ff - Lady Shoe (1995, Double Deuce) MP3/Flac

Still trying to figure out why the Ffuck someone would dub their band Ff, but it happened and there ain't a goddamn thing any of us can do about it (though I suppose you could scroll down to the next entry, but in all seriousness, this is worth your time).  Brooklyn, NY is the place Ff called home, and something tells me they failed to garner adequate attention even on their home turf, which is a shame considering they had the chops to corner the power-punk market of their day.  I really commend them for sucessfully dodging either extremes of the "pop" and "aggro" spectrum of their genre of choice, though this album's decidedly dainty title belies it's rather vigorous paces.  The blistering opening salvo, "Horse Head" recalls the grunge-punk rawk of Lawrence, KS natives Paw (remember them?), but shades of New Day Rising-era Husker Du crop up on much of the remainder of Lady Shoe.  Ff were heavy hitters indeed, but not without some tuneful saving graces.  BTW, the track listing on the tray card omits "songs" 13-16, and justifiably so one could argue, as they amount to fragmentary afterhoughts that deviate entirely from the meat and potatoes of the rest of the album.  One Base on an Overthrow had a few words to expel on Lady Shoe a few years ago, albeit the song links have expired.

01. Horse Head
02. Please
03. Killing Me
04. New Song
05. Fog Head
06. Endless Confusion
07. Coattails
08. No Explanation
09. Disconsolate
10. Lost Hope
11. Brain
12. Today (Make Up Your Mind)
13. Plan B
14. Shirk Circus
15. Suck
16. Jerry