Mrs. Svenson - 1995 demo MP3/Flac

Regina, Saskatchewan's Mrs. Sevenson made it onto my radar a good decade or so after their demise when I was running a Google query on Big Drill Car.  Turns out they had shared a gig or two with BDC when Mark Arnold and the boys were treking it out in Canada in 1989. That got me thinking Mrs. Svenson were worth investigating, and before you know it, I found my merry way to their Myspace page.  While I'm still trying to track down the band's 1995 Flood CD (brother, can you spare an upload if you have it?) I did find this six-cut cassette demo on Ebay a few months ago.  No liner notes or even a track list were furnished in the tape sleeve, leaving me to my own devices as to what the titles are.  Their aforementioned Myspace hovel does feature about a dozen tunes, helping me out with half of the tracks, but I still need the titles of songs 1, 2 and 6 (I think the first might be called "Stoned").  Speaking of which, that particular number packs a devastating hook, and for that matter a sweet resemblance to fellow Canuck's The Doughboys.  By and large, the proceedings follow suit, but I have a hunch that elusive Flood album would really the deliver on the promise of this tape.   Below you can check out their low rent video for "Home."  Enjoy (or not). 

01. Stoned (?)
03. Never
04. Home
05. Life Lesson