Naomi's Hair - Tara (1989, Figurehead) MP3/Flac

This was a neat find from my visit to Antique World this past weekend.  Purchased sound unheard (my take on the old phrase "sight unseen"), what little info I was able to glean online regarding Naomi's Hair is that they arose from the same Gainesville, FL scene that brought us Less Than Jake and For Squirrels (taking most of their cues from the latter I should add).  The proceedings kick off with the brilliant, sassy punk corker "Tilt-a-Whirl," a cover of an obscure Gizmos song, decked out in shades of Twin/Tone era 'Mats and early Snatches of Pink.  That nugget of gold is followed up by the chugging, anti-war screed "Tinker, Tailor" which wouldn't sound too far out of place on a vintage REM record.  Tara gets more eclectic on side two, thanks in part to the speedy, bluegrass-indebted melee, "Caroline," while the jangly but ever so wry "Con But For" and "Bobbies Prom Dress" highlight Naomi's Hair's budding pop charm.  Am very curious if there's more where this came from... 

01. Tilt-a-Whirl
02. Tinker, Tailor
03. Without a Sound
04. One Shot
05. Caroline
06. Con But For
07. Bobbies Prom Dress
08. Lovin' Babe