Las Antorchas (1966-68) MP3/Flac

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Las Antorchas were formed by five college students and originated out of Mexico City. They released only one E.P. on Orfeon but had enough material for a longplayer. They split around 68/69 but after a line-up change they continued simply named as Antorcha. Under that moniker they recorded five singles and an album, released 1976. VAM Records collects all their known material as Las Antorchas on one CD (VAM/Orfeon Video Vox CMS-205« / 2006). The organ is sometimes horribly off-key and the vocals don't make a big impression. The worst track is their cover of "Hello, Goodbye" (Hola Adios), one of the few Fab Four songs I rather dislike. However they have a few good cover versions and strangely enough this collection works as a whole. Not to forget the excellent "Dime", a really great acid-punk track but not representative for their sound. Conclusion: they were not as good as Los Ovnis/Apocalipsis etc. but better than Tijuana Five or Los Belmonts (if that helps in any way). The CD comes with liners and VAM also released their subsequent material as Antorcha, but more about them in my next post.

- La Antorcha
- Opus 14 Interior 12
- Tu Me Ense?aste
- Dime
- Tu Me Ense?aste (instrumental)
- Shake
- Un Poquito M?s
- Confesion
- No Espero Ya Por Ti
- Substitute
- Anoche Fue
- Nunca Te Amado Mas
- No Lo Hagas
- Sabia
- Hola Adios
- El Soldado
- Canta Conmigo
- Dime (instrumental)

Jorge Gonzalez (lead gtr, vcls)
Fernando Mercado (gtr, vcls)
Omar Cortes Gavi?o (bs, vcls)
Victor Manuel Motta Aviles (keyb'ds, rhythm gtr, vcls)
Bernardo Minerva (drms, lead vcls)

Band origin:
Mexico City (Mexico)

1. Un Poquito M?s/No Lo Hagas/Anoche Fue/Shake
   (Orfeon EP-734) 1967

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