Antorcha (1970-76) MP3/Flac

After the split of Las Antorchas Victor Motta Aviles and band mate Omar Cortes Gavi?o teamed up with Victor's brother Guillermo and continued as Antorcha. They played a sort of Acid-Rock but developed a style of their own. Actually not my kind of music but I like their anarchistic attitude and they receive extra points for the demented sound on few of their tracks. After a handful of E.P.'s they finally released an album in 1976. Shortly after they called it quits and 30 years later VAM Records (VAM 001-CD / 2006) put out a CD with all the tracks from their 45's plus "Mira" from their cassette-only release from 1976.

- Canci?n No. 1
- Nada
- Amiga
- En El Jard?n Del Ed?n
- Grass
- Going Down
- La Tierra
- Crisalida
- Sodom?quina
- Inconclusa
- Mira
- Bracero
- Intento No. 2
- Quiero Vivir

Omar Cortes Gavi?o (bs, vcls) [ABC]
Victor Manuel Motta Aviles
(keyb'ds, rhythm gtr, vcls) [ABC]
Guillermo Motta Aviles (keyb'ds, lead gtr, vcls) [ABC]
Mario Salazar Hern?ndez (organ, vcls) [B]
Antonio Salcedo (drms, vcls) [C]

Band origin:
Mexico City (Mexico)

1. Anarquismo (Ediciones Antorcha ) 1976

1. (C) La Tierra/Crisalida (EPA-03) 1972
2. (C) Sodom?quina/Inconclusa (EPA-04) 1974

1. (A) Canci?n No. 1/Nada/Amiga (GP-074) 1970
2. (B) Grass/Going Down/En El Jard?n Del Ed?n
   (EP-OC-01) 1971
3. (C) Bracero/Intento No. 2/Quiero Vivir (EPA-05) 1974

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