Beyond asserting at the outset that this crucial and almost entirely overlooked art damaged mindbomb is situated squarely between Mutant Sounds approved holy grails of the outwardly bound like The Decayes and The History Of Unheard Music, it's probably best to just let this crew lay out the specifics themselves, since they do such a bang up job of it:

"Stutter started as an improvisational music collective based out of Louisville, Kentucky USA in the nihilistic days of late 1970's punk / industrial music and DIY aesthetics . influences included electro-acoustic, progressive, free jazz improvisation, electronic, psychedelic, musique concret, new music, 'krautrock' and industrial noise, as readily as Fluxus, Dada and Futurist sound art experiments and performance art . many of the founding band members had first collaborated in Louisville's underground arts collective ARF [ Artist Resistance Front ]

Studio and live performances bore out a strong rhythmical composition peppered with Beat-influenced, stream-of-consciousness lyricism, itself tagged with ready wit and complex wordplay . traditional 'rock' instrumentation was subverted through the use of tape loops, early turntablism efforts, non-musicianship, and oblique strategies . performances were often punctuated with improvisational movement, video projections, and avant guarde visual stagings."

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