The Who - Who's Better, Who's Best (2007) DVD9 MP3/Flac

The Who - Who's Better, Who's Best (2007) DVD9
DVD9 | NTSC 720x480 | 29.97 fps | MPEG-2@9800 kbps | AC3@448 kbps | 5.75 GB
Genre: Rock, Music Video

The original Who's Better, Who's Best: The Videos was a handy laserdisc consisting of 17 videos, an inordinate number of them overlapping at least in part with material from the movie The Kids Are Alright -- which was OK, as the latter was never widely available as a laserdisc. In 2006, things are a bit different, and some of the potential viewers for this DVD may be put off by the overlapping -- though the latter is also compensated for by the presence of some nice, really early, genuine live performances of "My Generation," etc., and some cool mimed tracks that are unique as well. The disc has been augmented by three post-Keith Moon videos that are interesting but nowhere near as exciting as the material that comes before them. The sound is excellent throughout, good and loud, and the only complaint one may reasonably have also applies to the original release -- why was it necessary to turn some of these clips into montages, rather than keep the original performance clips intact?

The Who - Who's Better, Who's Best (2007) DVD9
The Who - Who's Better, Who's Best (2007) DVD9


01. My Generation
02. I Can't Explain
03. Anway, Anyhow, Anywhere
04. Substitute
05. The Kids Are Alright
06. I'm A Boy
07. Happy Jack
08. Pictures Of Lily
09. Magic Bus
10. You Better You Bet
11. I Can See For Miles
12. Pinball Wizard
13. I'm Free
14. See Me Feel Me
15. Join Together
16. Who Are You?
17. Won't Get Fooled Again

01. Don't Let Go The Coat
02. Another Tricky Day
03. Eminence Front