Live Recording: Mark Lanegan Band - Milan 12/03/2003 MP3/Flac

Did someone call for the night porter?

I have no idea who to credit for this one, but here's a recording of the Mark Lanegan Band playing Milan in 2003. The setlist is long and jaw-dropping, including a handful of great rarities and carefully chosen tracks that shine in a live setting like "Creeping Coastline of Lights" and "Wedding Dress". So enjoy this and buy your tickets for the upcoming acoustic US West Coast tour - I'm sure going to.

1. Borracho
[center]2. Message to Mine
[center]3. One Way Street
[center]4. Sleep With Me
[center]5. Don't Forget Me
[center]6. Pill Hill Serenade
[center]7. Wedding Dress
[center]8. No Easy Action
[center]9. Miracle
[center]10. Creeping Coastline of Lights
[center]11. Death Don't Have No Mercy
[center]12. On Jesus' Program
[center]13. Because of This - Hotel
[center]14. I'll Take Care of You
[center]15. Going Going Gone
[center]16. Methamphetamine Blues
[center]17. Mockingbirds
[center]18. She Done Too Much - The River Rise
[center]19. Clearspot
[center]20. Midnight Moses